A single mission,
two interlocking spaces

The face-to-face space and the digital space are complementary mission territories that reinforce each other.
Both for missionaries and for the faithful.
They are still very far apart, putting them in relationship is everyone’s task.

Improve mission

The people of the Church who inhabit the digital sphere and in the face-to-face sphere are called to closely intertwine our initiatives. Because it is the same Church that can thus really develop its mission: to better serve people and meet them where they are, giving them the best of both worlds.

People in common

Let us not forget that today one in three people who go to mass follow Catholic digital missionaries, and in turn almost half of their followers go to mass regularly. That bridge exists, but it must be reinforced and organized.

Digital-friendly people

There is a growing number of ‘digital-friendly’ people in the Church who understand
the immense value of promoting the integration of these two areas, collaborating with iMission

Mons. Lucio Ruiz
Secretary of the Dicastery for Communication

Cardinal Carlos Osoro
Archbishop of Madrid

Natalia Peiro
General Secretary of Caritas Spain

Cristina Inogés

Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes
Arzobispo de Managua, Nicaragua

Monseñor Silvio Báez
Obispo auxiliar de Managua, Nicaragua

This is how we achieve integration


Facilitate the dissemination, in the digital environment, of key messages that the Pope, or Catholic institutions, want to prioritize.


Provide face-to-face institutions of the Church with training materials and content from the digital world to help them interact with it, in accordance with the culture of our time.


Redirect the most digital people towards face-to-face communities.


Strengthen the presence of organizations such as Cáritas in the digital world, facilitating the exercise of Catholic social volunteering.


Advance in listening to the People of God, completing perspectives to develop avant-garde thinking and a digital pastoral care of the Church in this historic moment.