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with the renewal of the Church

Ready to join the global community of Catholic digital missionaries?

9 great advantages of belonging to iMission

You will be part of a collaborative community. We support, listen and strengthen each other as people and apostles.

Design and undertake projects and initiatives together, like supporting the Synod by listening to the digital continent

Obtain economic resources for projects and for individual work

Promote a specific style of Christian presence on social media: Serene, open to dialogue and ideas, inclusive, respectful and plural

Be founders of thought and creators of good quality content regarding the new frontiers of life,
making Christ present in society

Create bridges with the face-to-face Church in order to better help people who need it, in tune with human reality (physical and digital)

Sharing best practices, content and tools so that everyone can undertake their digital mission.

Raising awareness
Achieving greater recognition and support from the Church for the digital mission and the “new apostles” of our time

Being alert to new innovations in digital communication. E.g. the metaverse

“Being an important digital communication channel for the Pope, distributing and explaining key messages of his magisterium”

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What are the requirements to join?

The sum of all your channels should be >20k followers

Deal with Catholic issues evangelically, not apologetically

Accept and respect other members, acknowledging the diversity of the Church

Commune with the Pope’s mandates

to this network

Has no cost for you, on the contrary,
let’s explore ways of generating revenue for the mission

Your time dedication will not be greater than you want it to be

You only participate in the initiatives that interest you

Still don’t fulfil requirements?
Want to collaborate with iMission in some other way?

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