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Loving and living according to the example set by Jesus

Authenticity in the behavior of Christians, who are Church (16%)

1. In search of personal and collective authenticity regarding what Jesus taught

2. Contributing to strengthen communities and make them authentic, credible, where people love each other like Jesus taught and as a consequence “make the world believe”

3. Hierarchy: first to set an example. Inconsistency is poorly tolerated

4. Following Jesus is not being a law-abiding pharisee who criticizes those who don’t

5. We have to love and serve others, like Jesus did. In a simple and humble way, making Him present in our day-to-day. Asking ourselves: “what would He do.”

6. Knowing Jesus better, talking about Him, sharing, commenting, contrasting with others to make progress together.

The voice of the participants

«Promote social justice more actively keeping the poor and those in need in the center of discussion, with clear language, but above all with actions»

«As Pope Francis said; looking at others like Jesus does is very difficult… but if we only love those who love us, what is extraordinary in that?… we must all keep this in mind everyday and with each person»

«May our shepherds remain close and open to the sheep, following the example of the ultimate shepherd, looking for the good of the sheep instead of mistreating them»

«Consistency of priests between what they preach and what they do. Better education at seminaries. A stricter and more systematic selection processes for seminarians and candidates for the priesthood»

Missionary Voices

The Magisterium, the Gospel

The Magisterium

“Jesus also goes the way of the prophets: he presents himself as we would not expect. He is not found by those who seek miracles — if we look for miracles, we will not find Jesus — by those who seek new sensations, intimate experiences, strange things; those who seek a faith made up of power and external signs. No, they will not find him. Instead, he is found only by those who accept his ways and
his challenges, without complaint, without suspicion, without criticism and long faces. In other words, Jesus asks you to welcome him in the daily reality in which you live; in the reality of those in need, in the problems of your family, in your parents, in your children, in grandparents, welcoming God there”

Source: Pope Francis. Audience 30th of January 2022

The Gospel

“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. (…) And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand”

Matthew 7, 24-27


Results of the questionnaires

Do you talk about Jesus with those around you?



  • Yes, with my family 62,7% 62,7%
  • Yes, with friends 57,1% 57,1%
  • Yes, in the parish or religious group 36,7% 36,7%
  • Yes, in social media 26,3% 26,3%
Jesus is present in conversations with family and friends.
But he is still not a primary motivation for taking care of the planet.

Surveys analyzed

How to move forward?

Theological standpoint

It is more necessary than ever to remember that Jesus was true man, as well as true God, and that trying to follow his human example is an indispensable guide if you want to be a true Christian.


Moral-behavioural standpoint

Jesus’ behaviour is characterized by mercy towards all, trust in God, human exemplarity and willingness to forgive, and these must be the qualities that shine in the Church and in all Christians.


Structural and organizational standpoint

Bishops and priests should deepen their exercise of authority based on exemplary behavior and not on privileges, norms, symbols, etc.

Pastoral-pedagogical standpoint

It would be interesting if, in the temples, along with the symbols of the Via Crucis, there were images that recalled the humanity of Jesus and his way of acting. Audiovisuals about Jesus and discussions about what he would have done today. Audiovisuals about people who live like Jesus today.